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 Stop paying fees for every order your customers place online.  With our  online food ordering software you can keep your customers in front of  your own brand and stop redirecting them to a 3rd party website that is  filled with your competitors.

Our online food ordering  software is full service so we will build your menu, manage your  software and ensure a seamless experience every time.  Our goal is to  help you build your communication, brand & reputation.  Set up a  demo today and learn why Customer Contact Solutions should be your #1  choice for restaurant owners in London and Toronto, ON Canada

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Stop Paying Commission!

Unlimited orders, Unlimited Features & No 3rd Party Websites 

A Better Experience For You & Your Customers!

We do all the maintenance, updates and changes so you don’t have to.
Our platform includes much more than just online ordering and with our72 hour update guarantee you will never be wondering when something will be done.

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Designed For Restaurants

 When designing our software we knew that pizza restaurants would be the  most complicated. We specialize in this department and provide many  features that other companies just simply don’t have. 

Phone & Text Notifications

 Take out and delivery orders have a turn around time of  minutes. Every order that is placed will receive your choice of a phone  or text notification to ensure that you never miss an online order. 

Payment Options

 Customers can pay in person or at the door with all your traditional  payment methods you provide currently. We also provide instant online  payments through PayPal or Moneris which is deposited directly to your  account with no holding fees or delays. 

Automatic Order Printing

 Orders can be received in all the traditional ways like  logging in online, fax, or email. However, most of our clients use our  GSM printers which are the size of a debit machine and automatically  print out the order for staff to start preparing. 

Protecting Your Brand

 All customer information is private, secure and yours to keep. We want  to help you build your database so you can increase your visits from  your customers. We will never contact, share or use your customers  information. 

Build A Better Reputation

 92% of new customers will review your restaurant on Trip  Advisor or other websites before ever visiting. Poor reviews push  customers away without your business ever knowing. Our review  integration will help keep negative reviews offline & increase  positive ones online.