How it works...

Looking for something special? Looking to buy from a small company that will make feel like family? Check out the virtual marketplace with virtual stands from real yet small local companies. Behind these doors you will find many unique products and services from  small businesses.  

The Innovative Marketplace app is where you can purchase all different  kinds of products and services from small businesses that are run by  real people yet all in one place! You will find unique creative items!  Even regular items that are made with care and quality... like back in  the day.  

If you are a small business owner and have products that you would like  to sell worldwide then the Innovative Marketplace app may be just what  you are looking for.  You can promote your products and services  directly to potential customers with a swipe on this app. 

Interested in your own Marketplace...

Interested in your very own Customizable Mobile App where your customers can order your products conveniently from their phone or webpage. This affordable App will be designed exclusively for your business; customized and personalized with your business information and products. This software is leading edge. Let's get you set-up. Your App can be setup in as little as 5 business days.

Innovative Logistics & Consulting Mobile Ordering App featuring The  Innovative Marketplace. 

Mobile Ordering made simple. 

You too can have  your own Mobile App. 


Not sure? Try the a Store or Aisle Option


Virtual Store

Powerful features and easy to set up! Running an online store is fun and easy on The Innovative Marketplace App! This is a great option if you want your customers to have the convenience of buying your products via their phones. This great for a service oriented company as well. 

Join other small business owners who are selling on this e-commerce mobile App platform. 


 Still not sure? No worries! The Aisle option is for you. This allows you to have an online e-commerce presence within the virtual Innovative Store. Convenient and easy.


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