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   Our mobile ordering platform enables businesses of all sizes to deploy their own brand of mobile ordering applications to serve their customers  and employees from anywhere.

Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, grocery stores, cafeterias, golf courses, stadiums, festivals… you name it.

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Moduurn is Simple and Easy to Use, Helping You Get Launched Quickly and Effectively

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Streamline your Business

App is Ready to Go


You supply your brand.

We provide your apps.

Low Cost

Streamline your Business

App is Ready to Go


NO contract. NO hidden fees. NO Risk.

Streamline your Business

Streamline your Business

Streamline your Business


Intuitive management tools for customers and employees.

Boost Sales

Simple Mobile Payments

Streamline your Business


Introduce new forms of revenue to your business. 

Simple Mobile Payments

Simple Mobile Payments

Simple Mobile Payments


Manage and secure payments quickly and safely. 

Moduurn gives your business a mobile ordering system you control so your brand can offer your customers that personal touch they already love.  Whether your business is a restaurant chain, a single location, a  commercial or corporate cafeteria, a truck... you name it, Moduurn can  handle most operations. 


Receive Orders from IOS, Android and Web App

For Hospitality and Specialty Retail such as liquor stores.


Your customers order from your app or website on their smartphone. 

You increase orders, reduce mistakes and improve customer service with true two-way, instant communication. 

You pay a low monthly subscription fee with no contract and increase  your profits. Don't let a third-party app grab 20-30% of your sales. 

Your Brand, Your App. 

      Your Customers Will Love Mobile Ordering. Especially from your own App.  

  • 300% increase in mobile ordering by US Consumers since 2014. 
  • 70% of consumers would rather place a mobile order directly with the  restaurant than through a third-party app like Skip the Dishes,  UberEats, and Door Dash.
  • 18% increase in customer spend from online/mobile orders vs. phone orders.

                                   Reported by Upserve Restaurant Insider 

Full Admin Control

Grow your to-go business with tools to manage your menu, day-to-day operations and reports.

Manage special offers, hours of operation and multiple locations. 

Customize your menu design and increase your customer's average spend through proven upselling choices. 


Smart Order Management

Automate order fulfillment, simultaneously receive multiple orders and reduce mistakes. 

Change your menu on the fly and let your customers know immediately. 

Seamlessly integrate with POS systems. Manage orders through the POS or an iPad.

Accept credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty through our integrated payment processor.  

Not just for online

Tap into the future of POS systems with mobile. 

Innovate with the many possibilities that Moduurn offers.


Some of the services our clients use include:

Table Ordering, Self-Order Kiosks, Pickup, Curb Service and integration with your favorite delivery services. 

Send the order directly to the kitchen using your mobile phone.


Moduurn Mobile Ordering System - How it Works

Fully-branded Online & Mobile Ordering Solution

You provide us with your menu or inventory. Moduurn delivers:

  • Customized Menu/Inventory
  • Fully-branded Apps for IOS and Android                            
  • Online ordering on your website
  • iPad to manage online orders
  • Printer for front and back-end order receipts
  • Full admin control of your ordering system 
  • Ongoing support from our Customer Success Team


Strong Partnerships

Innovative  Logistics & Consulting Inc. offers stability, reliability and a  level of after-sales support that is second to none. Specializing in  logistics services and consulting  support. We are an engineering services and logistics oriented company  that values integrity, flexibility, customer service, quality,  commitment, teamwork and profitability to our partners.


To develop long-term, growing and mutually beneficial relationships with  our customers by providing powerful solutions that increase our clients'  and partners' bottom line while delivering great experiences to their customer.

UPOS Canada & Moduurn Partner Clients


Universal  POS provides a simple, affordable, and powerful end-to-end point of  sale and inventory control system for any size establishment. It is a  true 32 bit, high-performance system that will help you manage your  business and increase your profits. Designed by actual retailers and  developed by a team who understands cash registers, POS simplicity  offers all the benefits you see in today’s sophisticated POS systems  with the added bonus of cash register simplicity. 

Bill's Tip'N INN

Where the pork is pulled and the folk are friendly... 

Experience the best bar and restaurant White Lake has to offer!  There’s Certified Angus Beef® steaks,  classic Italian, great BBQ and generous drinks.  Our food is simple,  but seasoned and served the way we like it.  Billy’s in-house smoker and  mesquite hickory grills provide a flavor unmatched by the competition  and our dinners are served the old fashioned way– with salad, potatoes  and vegetable. 

Moduurn Clientele

Our clients include franchise and independent restaurants, specialty retailers and large multi-national companies.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

What operating systems does the app work on?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

For independent business, we charge a monthly subscription rate of $125 per location. 
If you are an enterprise with more than 5 locations we can discuss what pricing system would work best.
There is no commission, no contract and no hidden fees! 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

What operating systems does the app work on?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Signing up is risk-free. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee on hardware. 

What operating systems does the app work on?

What operating systems does the app work on?

What operating systems does the app work on?

The Moduurn online ordering platform includes an Android App, an  IOS app, and a web app that can be accessed from anywhere.  Customers  can place orders from their phone, your website, social media and even  Google search results. 

What's my return on investment?

How long will it take for my app to be up and running?

What operating systems does the app work on?

For restaurants, most of our clients see the app paying for itself  with 8-10 orders and once fully deployed overall sales increase by at  least 10%. 

How much training does it require to use it?

How long will it take for my app to be up and running?

How long will it take for my app to be up and running?

Moduurn has been designed by hospitality experts with your staff and you in mind. It's intuitive and easy to use so that you can quickly become an expert. 

How long will it take for my app to be up and running?

How long will it take for my app to be up and running?

How long will it take for my app to be up and running?

 Once we get all the required information like logos, menus and  locations, and developer accounts then your entire platform will be up  and running within a few days.

*Android and IOS App deployment time may vary upon Google and Apple timelines.